About Stephen Hayes

Stephen Hayes is General Academic's Vice President. Stephen created the curriculum for our ISEE, SAT, PSAT, and ACT services, and he is always happy to talk shop about any of your academic needs. Stephen loves to travel abroad, especially if it’s to Iceland! He graduated from Houston Baptist University with a BA in English in 2010, and he has been a Texan since age 4.

Our COVID-19 Offerings and Precautions

We believe that education is essential to the progression of human society. And the turmoil that currently challenges our daily lives only amplifies our need to keep learning and improving ourselves. For parents suddenly burdened with even more responsibilities, we're here to lighten the load and continue investing in your [...]

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Managing Learning During COVID-19 Disruptions

The global COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted the academic year for Houston-area students. As of this writing, private and public schools are ordered closed through the end of the 2019-2020 academic year. Academic Schedule Disruptions due to Covid STAAR end of year testing is suspended per [...]

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Tutoring Jobs in Houston – Advanced Math, Science, SAT, ACT, ISEE

Tutoring K12 students in Houston can be both emotionally fulfilling and financially satisfying. You will have the opportunity to develop the future generation when they are most impressionable, to help shape the next integral contributors and leaders. General Academic is a premier tutoring, test prep, enrichment, and publishing company [...]

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Register Now for Summer Test Prep Courses

Our summer courses for the ISEE, P/SAT, and ACT provide an invaluable head start to fall testing. Our very small classes are capped at 8 students and allow for individualized attention from our brilliant instructors. All classes meet remotely or at our socially-distanced, loft-like office just north of the [...]

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ISEE Upper Level Advice and Resources

The Upper Level ISEE is the standardized test taken by students wishing to apply to most private schools in Houston for grades 9-12. It is a five-part, 3-hour, and 161 question exam testing mostly math and English skills. Like almost any test, students can and should prepare for it: [...]

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Official ISEE Upper Level Practice Test Answer Explanations

Do you have a child taking the Upper Level ISEE? If so, chances are you've downloaded the official practice test from the exam's administrator, ERB, but were disappointed to find that there weren't any answer explanations. We've solved that problem for you. Click through the link below to find [...]

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Free ISEE Vocabulary Flashcards at Piqosity

General Academic has partnered with Piqosity.com to offer digital flash cards for 1200 vocabulary words. We've spent more than 6 years curating this list to help students prepare for the ISEE Upper, Middle, and Lower Levels: For the ISEE Upper Level, the 1200 ISEE vocabulary words are divided into [...]

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ISEE Test Dates in Houston for 2019-2020

Students may take the ISEE up to three times (once in a defined period) in order to secure their best possible score (scroll down for dates): April - July (some schools may not accept scores from this period) August - November December - March We recommend registering for both [...]

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Top Houston ISD (HISD) Magnet Schools of 2019

Analysis of School Choice Lottery for 2019-2020 The most popular Houston magnet schools were River Oaks Elementary, Pin Oak Middle School, and DeBakey High School for the 2019-2020 academic year. Families had about a 20%-40% chance of gaining admission to a desirable magnet school for a prime entry year, the [...]

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Houston National Merit Semifinalists – 2019 Scholarship Competition Designees

National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) has announced the Semifinalists in their 64th National Merit Scholarship Program. Semifinalists are current high school seniors who took the PSAT in October of 2017 and scored among the top 1% in their respective states. St. John's School maintained its perennial lead with 39 [...]

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