Our summer courses for College Applications, ISEE, P/SAT, and ACT provide an invaluable head start to fall testing and applications.

Our very small classes are capped at 6 students and allow for individualized attention from our brilliant instructors.

All classes meet remotely or at our socially-distanced, loft-like office just north of the Rice Village. Summer courses start as early as Saturday, July 10th and run regularly through Saturday, August 14th.

  • Courses are $1,000 inclusive of software and materials
  • Enroll with friends and everyone saves 10%.

COVID Update – We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for our tutors and families and follow CDC guidelines. Please click here to see our current precautions and procedures.

For students who desire to meet in-office, they will be required to socially distance from others and wear a face mask at all times. Of course, they should also regularly wash their hands and be free of covid-like symptoms.

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  • Stephen Hayes

    Stephen Hayes is General Academic's Vice President. Stephen created the curriculum for our ISEE, SAT, PSAT, and ACT services, and he is always happy to talk shop about any of your academic needs. Stephen loves to travel abroad, especially if it’s to Iceland! He graduated from Houston Baptist University with a BA in English in 2010, and he has been a Texan since age 4.