We are operating all services “as normal” while taking every precaution in the face of the continuing pandemic threat.

We are closely monitoring the threat from the new Omicron variant and continue to require face masks for our employees and strongly recommend them for students. The vaccination rate among our team is over 98%.

Ongoing Covid-19 Office Precautions

  1. No one exhibiting COVID-19-like symptoms is allowed to meet in-person.
  2. Face masks are strongly recommended for all students and office visitors.
  3. HEPA air purifiers in every room help to improve indoor air quality.
  4. Hand sanitizer, table wipes, and masks are available for all.

In-Person Tutoring & Classes with Precautions

When tutors agree to meet in person, all precautions must be taken to ensure everyone’s safety including wearing face masks and following the precautions outlined above. But we cannot ignore science or force tutors to meet in-person.

Before you decide on private, in-person tutoring, you should be aware of the current laws and guidelines plus assess your own risk tolerance. We strongly recommend keeping track of Houston COVID-19 cases using the Texas Medical Center tracker.

At a maximum of just 6 students, our classes are now smaller than before the pandemic to ensure more physical distancing. All students are required to wear a face mask during the class.

Click here to schedule private in-office or in-home tutoring.

Remote, Online Tutoring

Remote tutoring is safe, effective, and easy-to-use. We have been tutoring students online since our founding in a Rice University dorm room in 2003, back when we had to custom code our own whiteboards and when webcams were the size of a tennis ball.

Over the last 18-years, we have invested heavily in remote learning technology and training including our digital learning partner Piqosity. Our tutors are experienced with the most advanced software like Zoom Meetings and Google Jamboard, and we have equipped them with helpful hardware like iPads and drawing tablets.

Learn more about remote, online tutoring options.