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General Academic provides complete college counseling and application services from start to finish.

The college applications process can be summarized as six primary components:

  1. Defining a college vision and personal sales pitch.
  2. Filling out common applications and supplements.
  3. Painting a picture with essays.
  4. Making an impression with interviews.
  5. Evaluating offers of admission.
  6. Demonstrating ability with good grades and scores.

Our College Admissions and Applications Offerings

Steps in the College Applications and Admissions Process

  1. Formulate a College Vision – What do you want to get out of your college experience?
  2. Formulate a Personal Sales Pitch – Why are a good candidate for your target colleges?
  3. Identify and Rank Colleges – Determine what 6-10 colleges you are going to apply to and why.
  4. Develop Letters of Recommendation Action Plan – What story should they tell, and who should write it?
  5. Build Out Resume and Activities List – Assemble the evidence that you’re a good candidate.
  6. Fill out the Common Application – This is the basic application for most colleges in the US.
  7. Fill out the ApplyTexas Application – This is another application option for many colleges in Texas (some require it).
  8. Write the Common Application Essay – There are a few options; choose the one that highlights you the best.
  9. Write Supplementary Essay/s – Most selective colleges require an extra essay in addition to the Common App.
  10. Prepare for Interviews – You know you’re a good candidate; make sure your interviewer sees it.
  11. Explore Scholarships & Financial Aid – Ensure you’re making a sensible decision and minimizing costs.
  12. Debrief After Early Decisions – Discuss what to do if accepted or rejected at this early phase.
  13. Debrief After Regular Decisions – Discuss what to do after all your decisions have come back.
  14. Improve ACT or SAT Scores – Optionally work to increase your scores.
  15. Improve School Grades – Optionally work to improve your grades.

College Admissions Timeline

While the majority of a student’s K12 academic career revolves around college preparation, the actual nuts and bolts of the application process typically start the summer before or during the fall semester of junior year (11th grade).

  1. Start studying for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT
  2. Attend college fairs
  3. Research scholarship opportunities
  4. Explore potential career pathways
  1. Continue studying for the SAT and ACT
  2. Begin exploring college options
  3. Request letters of recommendation
  1. Visit colleges
  2. Narrow down college options
  3. Get application materials organized
  4. Begin essays and applications
  1. Write supplemental essays
  2. Finalize and submit applications
  3. Complete FAFSA and other scholarship applications
  1. Prepare for college interviews
  2. Keep track of admission decisions
  3. Submit follow-up material if necessary for wait-lists
  4. Decide where to enroll

Andy Peters leads our College Counseling services.

Andy holds a Master’s in Education from the University of Michigan and a Certificate in College Access Counseling from Rice University.

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