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General Academic provides complete college counseling and application services from start to finish.

The college applications process can be summarized as four primary components:

  1. Defining a vision and plan.
  2. Proving the student’s abilities with the resume.
  3. Extolling the student’s accomplishments through the application.
  4. Demonstrating ability with good SAT and ACT scores.
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College Applications Process

There is no secret formula. Like standardized test preparation, the bulk of the effort in getting into a good college revolves around simply doing well in school (learn about subject tutoring). We can further assist in the following areas:

Students need to envision themselves in college, in a career, and as mature adults. Into what type of woman or man do they want themselves to grow into? And how do they think that one of the U.S.’s 3,000+ colleges will help them realize that vision?

This vision-building process starts as soon as the child is born, as they are influenced by their parents, siblings, peers, and community. It accelerates in middle school, and it becomes structured in high school in the lead up to college applications.

I want to cure cancer when I grow up. I am proud of my parents’ work as medical doctors, and I have been saddened and frustrated knowing so many people afflicted with this scourge who have not been cured.

The most successful college applicants start the process with a clear idea of:

  1. Why they want to attend college
  2. What makes them great candidates for the colleges of their dreams
  3. What they expect to get out of their college experience

Our team will guide your student to take a hard look at their own accomplishments, career goals, and college dreams to ensure that they hit the ground running.

Now that students have a vision of where they want to be, they must craft an actionable plan and stick to it.

I am going to do well in school, ace the SAT, and stick to my deadlines in the college applications process. But I’m not going to forget to enjoy, excel, and lead in student, life. I’m going to learn how to swim, win some competitions, and become team captain.

With so many options out there, narrowing down the schools a student actually wants to apply to can seem daunting. We will make it easier by:

  1. Guiding your student through the process of researching their options and identifying the colleges that are right for them
  2. Providing organizational tools and resources for every step of the process
  3. Navigating your student through Early Decision and Early Action, automatic admissions, and more

A record of achievement is proof that the student can execute on a lofty vision and well-laid plans. This record is comprised of the student’s high school transcript and resume of activities.

I earned a 4.0 GPA in the hardest classes, have swam at the varsity level for 3 years, and was elected team captain my senior year.

If your student needs help improving grades, our tutors will help them improve their grades through academic tutoring.

  • The ideal college candidate has consistently high grades across all four years in high school.
  • However, consistently improving grades over time is also seen favorably.
  • Students should absolutely avoid declining grades junior and senior year.

The application is the easy part of the college applications process; all it entails is communicating to colleges the student’s vision, plan, and record–in a succinct and compelling manner. Primary components of the application include the actual form, resume/ short answers, and essays.

My application will be compelling in its brevity and clarity. There will be no doubt about the strengths I will bring to colleges.

Our team will guide your student to develop their applications and send them off with confidence. We can help them to:

  1. Prioritize based on deadlines and important dates
  2. Gather and organize all of their application materials
  3. Develop their resume to highlight their accomplishments effectively
  4. Plan, draft, and revise college application essays – of all shapes and sizes
  5. Review and submit their applications

College Admissions Timeline

While the majority of a student’s K12 academic career revolves around college preparation, the actual nuts and bolts of the application process typically start the summer before or during the fall semester of junior year (11th grade).

  1. Start studying for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT
  2. Attend college fairs
  3. Research scholarship opportunities
  4. Explore potential career pathways
  1. Continue studying for the SAT and ACT
  2. Take SAT subject tests
  3. Begin exploring college options
  4. Request letters of recommendation
  1. Visit colleges
  2. Narrow down college options
  3. Get application materials organized
  4. Begin essays and applications
  1. Write supplemental essays
  2. Finalize and submit applications
  3. Complete FAFSA and other scholarship applications
  1. Prepare for college interviews
  2. Keep track of admission decisions
  3. Submit follow-up material if necessary for wait-lists
  4. Decide where to enroll

Andy Peters leads our College Counseling services.

Andy holds a Masters in Education from the University of Michigan and a Certificate in College Access Counseling from Rice University.

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