The global COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted the academic year for Houston-area students. As of this writing, private and public schools are ordered closed through the end of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Academic Schedule Disruptions due to Covid

Most private schools are attempting to implement remote teaching beginning Monday, March 23rd. Even Houston ISD is trying to develop at home learning solutions.

Schedule Private Tutoring to Fill in the Gaps

Private tutoring can limit the disruption to the academic year caused by the lack of regular classes and/or remote instruction.

Depending on parents’ preferences, students can meet with a tutor in a variety of mediums:

Our tutors can follow the school’s current curriculum or tailor lessons to achieve individual goals like remediating weaknesses or getting ahead.

For students subject to remote-learning requirements, we recommend meeting 2-3 times a week to maintain a high quality of learning.

For students with absolutely no school, we still recommend ensuring they are well positioned for end of year tests like AP and SAT subject tests. While the AP exams will not cover the last 25% of the course curriculum, students will still be expected to know it in the future. Just because students didn’t learn that E=mc² in class, doesn’t mean it’s not true!

Middle school students should not let themselves fall behind especially if they plan to apply to a private school later this winter, as they will still be expected to be up to date in Math and English.

Our COVID-19 Precautions

For families who choose to meet tutors face-to-face–in-office or in-home when allowed to by the county–we’re taking precautions to limit the chance of transmitting any disease:

  1. We offer remote, online tutoring both for one-on-one and group classes.
  2. Meeting in-person is only an option when both the family and tutor agree to do so.
  3. No one exhibiting COVID-19-like symptoms including fever and cough are permitted in the office or to meet for tutoring.
  4. A no-contact thermometer is available for use in-office.
  5. All office visitors must wear a face mask at all times; free masks are available in-office.
  6. All office visitors are required to either a) wash their hands or b) use the automated Purell hand sanitizer when entering the office.
  7. Tutors are disinfecting hard surfaces before the start of each session with sanitizing wipes, and they are regularly washing their hands and ensuring good hygiene.

Service Schedule Updates

  • Private tutoring will continue online until the stay-at-home order is rescinded.
  • Mock testing is suspended, but we can provide PDFs for take-home tests.
  • The Study Lounge shared tutoring service will be closed until at least Monday, May 4th.
  • Stephen Hayes and Andy Peters will not maintain regular in-office hours; please schedule desired meetings in advance.

ACT and SAT Testing Schedule Disruptions

ACT and SAT have canceled testing through June; the next official test dates will possibly pick up in July (ACT) and August (SAT). We suggest taking mock tests either in-home or in-office as a substitute to ensure students don’t fall behind in preparation.

There remain at least four test dates for current juniors to achieve the scores they desire, and we expect ACT and SAT to add at least one additional make up date during the summer. While test dates past August have not been officially confirmed(*), we expect the following dates:

ACT Test Dates

  1. July 18
  2. September 12*
  3. October 24*
  4. December 12*

SAT Test Dates

  1. August 29*
  2. October 3*
  3. November 7*
  4. December 5*

We’re Here to Help

We know that the current disruptions are unprecedented in modern history, and the resulting uncertainty is stressful and anxiety-inducing. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to talk about a mitigation strategy for your child.