Register Now for Summer Test Prep Courses

Our summer courses for the ISEE, P/SAT, and ACT provide an invaluable head start to fall testing. Our very small classes are capped at 8 students and allow for individualized attention from our brilliant instructors. All classes meet remotely or at our socially-distanced, loft-like office just north of the [...]

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ISEE Upper Level Advice and Resources

The Upper Level ISEE is the standardized test taken by students wishing to apply to most private schools in Houston for grades 9-12. It is a five-part, 3-hour, and 161 question exam testing mostly math and English skills. Like almost any test, students can and should prepare for it: [...]

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Official ISEE Upper Level Practice Test Answer Explanations

Do you have a child taking the Upper Level ISEE? If so, chances are you've downloaded the official practice test from the exam's administrator, ERB, but were disappointed to find that there weren't any answer explanations. We've solved that problem for you. Click through the link below to find [...]

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Free ISEE Vocabulary Flashcards at Piqosity

General Academic has partnered with to offer digital flash cards for 1200 vocabulary words. We've spent more than 6 years curating this list to help students prepare for the ISEE Upper, Middle, and Lower Levels: For the ISEE Upper Level, the 1200 ISEE vocabulary words are divided into [...]

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ISEE Test Dates in Houston for 2019-2020

Students may take the ISEE up to three times (once in a defined period) in order to secure their best possible score (scroll down for dates): April - July (some schools may not accept scores from this period) August - November December - March We recommend registering for both [...]

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Major 2019-2020 Houston Academic Year Dates to Know

Houston ISD School Holidays 2019 August 26 - First Day of School for HISD / Rice September 2 - Labor Day October 9 - Fall Holiday November 25 - 29 - Thanksgiving Winter Break December 23 - January 3, 2020 2020 January 20 - Martin Luther King Day March [...]

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Major 2018-2019 Houston Academic Year Dates to Know

Houston ISD School Holidays 2018 August 27 - First Day of School September 3 - Labor Day September 10 - Fall Holiday November 19 - 23 - Thanksgiving Winter Break December 24 - January 4, 2019​ ​ 2019 January 21 - Martin Luther King Day March 11 - 15 [...]

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