Our summer courses for the ISEE, P/SAT, and ACT provide an invaluable head start to fall testing.

Our very small classes are capped at 8 students and allow for individualized attention from our brilliant instructors.

All classes meet remotely or at our socially-distanced, loft-like office just north of the Rice Village. Summer courses start as early as Monday, July 18th and run regularly through Friday, August 9th,

  • Courses are $1,000 inclusive of software and materials
  • Enroll with friends and everyone saves 10%.

COVID Update – Classes will simultaneously be offered in-office or online via Zoom, and students can decide on a daily basis how they wish to attend. Classes will be recorded and available for offline viewing (only accessible to the enrolled students).

For students who desire to meet in-office, they will be required to socially distance from others and wear a face mask at all times. Of course, they should also regularly wash their hands and be free of covid-like symptoms.

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