Test Prep for the ISEE, SSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, CTP, STAAR, and the XYZ

General Academic offers premium, individualized, and comprehensive test preparation for most major standardized tests administered in Houston’s public and private schools.

We offer scheduled courses, in-home private tutoring, and in-office private tutoring.

Students generally start their journey with a complimentary, full-length diagnostic test. Depending on the results of this test and their current grades, most families will do a combination of scheduled courses and private tutoring.

Our Proven Approach to Test Prep

Students start with a full-length diagnostic/ practice test to evaluate their current strengths and weaknesses. The test should be as realistic as possible including timed conditions.

Upon scoring the test, our tutors and managers will evaluate the student’s position and outline a roadmap for improvement. The tutor will discuss test-taking strategies and general tips.

Concept review comprises the bulwark of standardized test prep. To do well, students must have a firm grasp of the tested math and reading concepts. No amount of tips and tricks will compensate for not knowing fractions or how to identify a main idea.

As students strengthen their fundamental math and reading skills, they must still be able to apply that knowledge to the new and novel ways tested on the standardized test’s reasoning sections. The best way to ensure this capability is to work many test-like practice questions.

The process of standardized test prep is continual, and the duration and intensity of preparation will depend on the disparity between the student’s starting place and desired outcome. Most of our students will take a minimum of 3 full-length practice tests and 2 official tests.

Common Standardized Tests in Houston

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