STAAR Tutoring and Test Prep

TEA’s State Texas Assessments Academic Readiness (STAAR) can be a frustration for students, but it can also be a resource for identifying weaknesses in your student’s education. We use published STAAR exams and many other grade level and content appropriate resources to help close these gaps. We can then push forward to getting a head start to next year’s material. Plus, preparing your student for the STAAR can also act as your student’s first step to getting ready for the ISEE.

We offer both private one-to-one tutoring and group test prep classes. Private tutoring can occur in your home or at our Rice Village Study Lounge.

Our Proven Approach to STAAR Prep

Students start with a full-length, content specific STAAR (such as grade 5 Math) to evaluate their current strengths and weaknesses. We use the published STAAR exams on TEA’s website. We will schedule a time to take this mock exam directly with you.

Our tutors will review and teach all of the tested material in the STAAR that your student needs to cover, but they won’t simply be teaching to the test. We want to make sure that what your student learns is beneficial outside of the STAAR and that your student will not have troubles down the road with new and more challenging content.

Our tutors will assign regular practice to be completed between the sessions, and it is important that your student completes this practice to reinforce what they’ve learned. This practice will be a mix of STAAR practice questions and fundamental practice questions about the topics we’ve covered with your student. Depending on how much help your student needs, this will likely be around 1-2 hours of practice each week, which can be completed in stages. However, we do keep in mind that your student is busy with life and school, so we tailor the homework to your schedule as best we can.

STAAR Preparation Services

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