Houston’s Best Private Tutors

General Academic’s tutors are simply the most brilliant and charismatic—the top 10% of the top 1%.

Our Houston-based tutoring team is comprised of more than 50 Peer and Pros. Peers are current undergraduates or recent alumni of prestigious universities while Pros are experienced professionals.

All tutors are thoroughly vetted including background checked, extensively trained, and continuously supported by our management team.

Tutoring Team Demographics

In spring of 2023, our team looked like this:

  • 100% scored in the top 5% on the SAT or ACT
  • 77% scored in the top 1% on the SAT or ACT
  • 50% were multilingual
  • 41% were experienced professionals
  • 35% were affiliated with Rice University
  • 20% were affiliated with University of Houston
  • 44% hold or were pursuing a graduate degree

Brilliant and Charismatic Educators

We understand that it’s one thing to be brilliant but another skill to also be relatable. We know how to form a connection with your child that will enable us to both lead by example and by instruction:

  1. We start by only hiring tutors with a demonstrated history of academic success and professionalism,
  2. Then we train them in best practices on tutoring, planning, scheduling, and project management,
  3. And we continually support them through ongoing troubleshooting, coaching, and mentoring.

Well-Compensated and Supported

Our Houston-based tutors are the best largely because they’re paid and supported the best:

  • Tutor pay is often 50% to 100% higher than competitors;
  • Tutors earn consistent income not only by teaching students but also by writing our learning content, and
  • We pay tutor wages and taxes as W2 employees and not as 1099 contractors.

It’s no surprise that many of our tutors work with us for 4 years or more. And if it’s time for them to move on to the next stage of their careers, you’ll generally find them enrolling in medical or graduate school or joining top business consulting and engineering firms.

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