Research Internship for Rice Social Policy Majors

The Houston School Survey (HSS) is General Academic’s marquee publication on education news, research, and analysis. More than 50,000 Houston families visit annually. The Research Intern will assume a leading role in initiating HSS’s coverage on early learning providers:

  1. Compiling a database of Houston early learning providers
  2. Disseminating and collecting survey data from the providers
  3. Summarizing and analyzing survey findings​ ​

General Academic seeks a self-motivated, creative, and personable individual to help us develop Houston’s first ever, comprehensive database of daycare and pre-school providers.

Potential candidates should be personable, creative, and organized. They must have an interest in education, technology, and publishing.

Technically, candidates must have excellent written, oral, and computer skills.

Curiosity, creativity, and ownership are encouraged with every duty and role.

The Intern’s primary responsibilities can be defined within four categories:

Background Research – 1 week

  1. Research and define early learning provider
  2. Build a list of daycare and pre-school providers
  3. Finalize survey

Survey Management – 2 weeks ongoing

  1. Disseminate survey to providers
  2. Communicate with providers
  3. Collect responses

Data Analysis – 2 weeks

  1. Compile initial research with survey responses
  2. Analyze research and responses for compelling insight
  3. Determine how to advise parents

Publication of Findings – 3 weeks

  1. Input compiled information into WordPress
  2. Write up most compelling findings
  3. Publish to
  • The Intern is expected to work in-office Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm, although there is some flexibility.
  • This role runs for 8-weeks between June 22 and August 14, 2020. ​
  • The stipend is $4,000 and is paid bi-weekly.

An ideal candidate for this role should be:

  1. Proactive
  2. A strong writer and communicator
  3. A “people” person
  4. Creative
  • This role commences on or around June 22, 2020.
  • This application form will remain live until the position is filled.
  • We will contact qualified applicants within 7 business days; no calls please.​

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