Pod Learning School During Covid

Pod Schools are formed when a group of students come together to create their own, personalized school during the Covid pandemic. They are an increasingly popular alternative solution to muddling through another wrecked academic year. Pods are formed by small groups of students in the same grade who are already in each other’s “Covid circles” or who agree to form a new circle.

Pods meet regularly in-person at a family’s home or in our Rice Village office and are led by one of our brilliant and charismatic tutors. The academic curriculum is individualized to the group’s students but aligned with TEA/ HISD or your private school, which later allows for a seamless transition back into a traditional school setting.

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How Pod Learning During the Covid Pandemic Works

Social Pods

Students learning outdoors in Pod

Pods are groups of 8 students or fewer in the same grade. Because students will be meeting in-person, it’s important for the group to consist of families in the same “covid circle.”

Brilliant Tutors

Masked tutor for pod learning

Our brilliant and charismatic tutors represent the top 1% of the academic elite and are capable in leading the Pod in all core academic subjects; they are supported by our managers.

Consistent Curriculum

TEA HISD approved curriculum

The curriculum is personalized to the enrolled students and can either follow alongside a school or stand alone as part of an accredited, TEA-recognized home school program.

Convenient Location

Pods typically rotate between member family’s homes; however, they may also meet at our office near the Rice Village. The schedule is routine and generally follows a standard school day.

In-Person Instruction

There is nothing virtual about Pod Learning. Students meet in-person and interact with each-other and the instructor while maintaining Covid-safe practices like masking and distancing.

Reasonable Pricing

Personalized Pod Learning School rates can be as little as 50% the cost of private, 1-to-1 tutoring and depends on the regularity of the meeting schedule and tutor selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have not already formed your own “pod,” then you can register your interest, and we will try to match you to another group.

Yes, pod students should be in the same grade studying the same material. If students wish to follow a certain school’s curriculum, then students should also be attending the same school.

The schedule depends on the enrolled students and their desired goal. Pods can meet as school replacements–every day during normal school hours–or simply as a supplement to virtual learning–a couple or few times a week.

The exact form of curriculum that the Pod takes is up to the enrolled students. Some Pods may completely replace traditional school if parents withdraw from their pre-pandemic institution. Other Pods may simply be a supplement to standard schools, which may be operating virtually or irregularly during the pandemic.

According to CDC guidelines, there is “more risk” associated with “small, in-person classes, activities, and events.” The lowest-risk form of supplementary education is certainly remote, online tutoring. We cannot guarantee against the risk of Covid-infection. However, we will take significant precautions including:

  1. Participants are screened prior to meeting, and no one exhibiting covid-like symptoms is allowed to stay.
  2. Participants must wear face masks.
  3. Participants will only meet in outdoor or well-ventilated spaces, which allow for at least 6 feet of separation.
  4. Participants will be continuously reminded to practice good hygiene including frequent hand washing and sanitizing.
  5. Participants must pledge to take every precaution to minimize contact outside of the Pod’s “Covid circle.”

Yes, we understand that parents may have concern about the increasing inequity caused by the pandemic. Parents have every right to look after their children’s welfare; however, many families do not have the same financial resources to secure private tutoring and pod learning. General Academic encourages pods to sponsor a less fortunate student. For any pod of 5 or more students, we will significantly reduce or waive fees for the sponsored student.

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